Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tis week's happening

Hi all,

This week seems to end so fast for me..I think the Puasa month is round the corner that is why I feel the days are shorter now.

Anyway, Monday was especially busy day for me as farah is away at college and I have to single handedly bake, cook for kids at lunch, pick them up from school...

Surprisingly I manage everything quite well and I am satisfied with the cupcakes I baked today.

I baked the orange cupcake with dark chocolate buttercream and choc rice topping. And the vanilla cupcake with strawberry filling and vanilla buttercream.. yum yum... ..thus this is how it looks ..sooooo sedddaaappp..
I also baked the cheese cupcake with cherry topping but I forgot to take the pictures so no pictures of my gorgeous baked cheese cupcakes.. but honestly Farah came back and had a taste of one which I left in the fridge. She immediately call me and ask me to take bake all of them . Don't sell she says..let's eat it all..too good to be sold..alamak!!! Sorry those are for the Kopitiam I sent to every other day..depending on the supply and demand.

Happy to say that what I sent to them finished by Wednesday afternoon and I immediately bake some more so that the supply is always available at the shop. the call at about 2 pm to say all cupcakes sold and they need new ones..I was on the way to send Farah to college in PJ and by the time I get back to back that's about 3 pm..So I have to do a little magic and start baking the following.. These are Devil's food cupcake with choc chips and strawberry buttercream and choc chip mouth watering..

Baked some of vanilla cupcake with strawberry/raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream again..seems to be a favorite there..and I baked some orange cupcakes with orange buttercream...good for tea time..or coffee break. ( see above for the final view of the cupcake)..

Suddenly I thought of my kids and also baked some vanilla flavored muffin and also some peanut butter ones..look how they turn out..sedap bangat!!!
Packed them in plastic bags so that they can bring them to school..U also can order these if you want..selling them at RM1 each with minimum order of 12 pieces..U also can specify if you need other types of packing but that will be additional cost attached to it.Below are some minis all 95 pieces of them ordered by my niece for her office tea event today. These are chocolate with choc chips and dark choc buttercream..tiny so less guilt..hehehe..

Wah yesterday was also busy with above luckily Farah came back and baked above and I prepare the icing whilst she ice the minis.. and I baked some lemon flavored cupcake and try out some designs..practice and practice..with vanilla buttercream and practice with colors and decorative sugar bits too.

Okk lahh..enuf of designs and had a rest nice..

Thanks for reading my blog and if you are interested to order, please call Wan 012 2389797 /email or Farah 012 2827122/email for more information.

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