Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tis week's happening

Hi all,

This week seems to end so fast for me..I think the Puasa month is round the corner that is why I feel the days are shorter now.

Anyway, Monday was especially busy day for me as farah is away at college and I have to single handedly bake, cook for kids at lunch, pick them up from school...

Surprisingly I manage everything quite well and I am satisfied with the cupcakes I baked today.

I baked the orange cupcake with dark chocolate buttercream and choc rice topping. And the vanilla cupcake with strawberry filling and vanilla buttercream.. yum yum... ..thus this is how it looks ..sooooo sedddaaappp..
I also baked the cheese cupcake with cherry topping but I forgot to take the pictures so no pictures of my gorgeous baked cheese cupcakes.. but honestly Farah came back and had a taste of one which I left in the fridge. She immediately call me and ask me to take bake all of them . Don't sell she says..let's eat it all..too good to be sold..alamak!!! Sorry those are for the Kopitiam I sent to every other day..depending on the supply and demand.

Happy to say that what I sent to them finished by Wednesday afternoon and I immediately bake some more so that the supply is always available at the shop. the call at about 2 pm to say all cupcakes sold and they need new ones..I was on the way to send Farah to college in PJ and by the time I get back to back that's about 3 pm..So I have to do a little magic and start baking the following.. These are Devil's food cupcake with choc chips and strawberry buttercream and choc chip mouth watering..

Baked some of vanilla cupcake with strawberry/raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream again..seems to be a favorite there..and I baked some orange cupcakes with orange buttercream...good for tea time..or coffee break. ( see above for the final view of the cupcake)..

Suddenly I thought of my kids and also baked some vanilla flavored muffin and also some peanut butter ones..look how they turn out..sedap bangat!!!
Packed them in plastic bags so that they can bring them to school..U also can order these if you want..selling them at RM1 each with minimum order of 12 pieces..U also can specify if you need other types of packing but that will be additional cost attached to it.Below are some minis all 95 pieces of them ordered by my niece for her office tea event today. These are chocolate with choc chips and dark choc buttercream..tiny so less guilt..hehehe..

Wah yesterday was also busy with above luckily Farah came back and baked above and I prepare the icing whilst she ice the minis.. and I baked some lemon flavored cupcake and try out some designs..practice and practice..with vanilla buttercream and practice with colors and decorative sugar bits too.

Okk lahh..enuf of designs and had a rest nice..

Thanks for reading my blog and if you are interested to order, please call Wan 012 2389797 /email or Farah 012 2827122/email for more information.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wwekend blues...

Hi again,

Just to update over the weekend I did some chocolate chip muffins and walnut muffins..both a hit with the kids..

Tried a hand in making individual bake cheese cake and I think I am satisfied with the comments given by some of my friends who are my guinea pigs..hehehe..lucky it was okay and a thumbs up..
While I was purchasing the topping I have a picture in my head of gooey cherries pie filling to make up the topping of the cheese cake., so cleverly I bought something in a can from china thinking that I will get same effect but sadly the cherries are soggy ..and it stained my cheese cake..
Looks okay but the cherries has a bitter after taste.. overall, the cheese cake set nicely and when chilled was really yummy....
Uhhmm...for those going back to school tomorrow, hope you have done your homework and also done your revision for coming exams...thanks for reading my blog..have a good day..

Thursday, August 21, 2008

PUASA AND RAYA goodies for your clients, friends,loved ones and other events

Hi again...

So sorry .. I'm back..I forgot to let you know more about my cupcakes..just to remind you during this puasa and raya month, I have the SPECIALS...

a) Box of 49 pieces of x small cupcakes is RM49 onward..
b) Box of 16 pieces of small cupcakes is RM40 onwards..
c) Box of 16 pieces of medium cupcakes is RM48 onwards..
d) Box of 9 pieces of large cupcakes is RM31 onwards..

For the above price, we can gift packed it with a box and assorted green ribbons. The theme and color of the cupcakes can be discussed. The above can also be gift packed according to individual requirement. However there will be additional charges for that service. The above price is applicable to vanilla and chocolate flavored cupcakes only and exclusive of deliveries charges. To find out more about quote for flavors please email or sms me. The available flavors is listed in one of the posting below..

As mentioned in one of my post, we also offer muffins for break fast and we can also gift pack those according to your requirement and flavors. Minimum order is 12 pieces.


Immediate areas - RM 10 - RM15 per address
Bandar Utama, D'sara Utama, D'sara Jaya, D'sara Perdana, Taman Tun, Mutiara D'sara and Kota D'sara

RM 20-RM30 per address
Kl, PJ and Subang Jaya

Other Areas RM50 per address
Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, Klang, Gombak, technology Park, Bukit Jalil, Puchong, Cheras, Serdang.

* please not all our delivery rates are subject to additional fees based on difficulty of delivery(parking fees, tol etc) upto 15 boxes mx. A surcharge of RM10-RM50 is applicable for more than 15 boxes(regardless of size).

We would require a 50% deposit upon confirmation of order.

I hope to hear from you readers soon.. TTFN (ta ta 4 now.. :p)


Good morning.....

This is my rendang kambing ...looks innocent, kan? My children complains that it is too good, warning me not cook that often or we will all put on MORE weight!!! Hahaha..very inviting indeed ..for those who likes variety and do not have the time to make it themselves can get them from me..this Raya am selling them for RM45 per kilo..but if like crave it for now..please give me an sms, email..your requirement..

Also I do Ayam Rendang pedas,Kari Ayam, Ayam Malbari ( ohh I do not have pix of it but it's like the ones kat mamak nasi kandar..ayam in gooey dark sauce...also my children's favorite ..for chicken I am selling them at RM45 per chicken..

The Beef rendang minang, rendang tok and going for RM55 per kg Uhhmm this one actually my cousin who has long been supplying me during the puasa/raya finger licking good too..I thought I'd share her cooking with you..and her lemang is to die's boiled lemang in the buloh and not burnt..usually those lemangs which is cooked the traditional way that is over the fire is good too, it is just that sometimes you get unlucky and buy the half cooked ones !! This is also traditional and to me it guarantees that the lemang is cooked all over and does have the hard outer crust which sometimes you cut it out and goes to waste. The lemang goes at RM10 per piece. All the above are available anytime especially during the puasa/raya period. These prices quoted above does not include delivery charges...

Gift Hampers..continued from RAYA GIFTS..

1) Hamper 08-01
consist of 4 cookies, dodol, chocolates, fruit cake and songket.
Price RM400

2) Hamper 08-02
consist of 4 cookies, dodol, chocolates and fruit cake(large).
Price RM350

3) Hamper 08-03
consist of 4 cookies, dodol and fruit cake(small).
Price RM250
4) Hamper 08-04
consist of 4 cookies

5) Hamper 08-05
consist of 4 cookies, dodol, chocolates/juices and fruit cake(large).
Price RM300
All prices above are exclusive of delivery.

So jangan tunggu lama2 nak order please email, sms or give me a call..

TODAY'S happening..

Hi all,

It was really not a good day today with hiccups..with orders fowled ups and price mismatched.. be cheap and good..rather challenging..

Anyway, I baked for some guests who did not turn up again due to god..I have a lot of challenges today..lucky thing I meet some friends for drinks and they liked what I baked for them..

It's oreo cupcake with white chocolate topping and oreo biscuit half on top. Some say it is too sweet for them..well it is definitely not that overwhelming but sweet. The hot weather we have nowadays makes me shy away from fresh cream/cheesey if they are not thhhhaaat sweet..when I baked the cupcakes, my youngest sat and finish three pieces in one go..must be good for my "fussy dont eat much" son eat it like a piranha..


Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hi Again...

Years ago I thought baking was just something impossible for me..but alas not to say I have achieved sooo much but I am quite happy of my work so far..

Yesterday I sat down and browsed through my cook book to decide what flavors I want to do then. I settled for chocolate cupcake with raspberry filling and dark chocolate buttercream but....I ended up with above..yes chocolate cupcake, instead of raspberry I have to settle for strawberry filling as I have some problem with piping the raspberry into the cupcake..but of course chocolate and strawberry are a match made in heaven, right? But I am not satisfied as I wanted the raspberry instead so I would have to repeat it soon ..below..

The above two pix are of orange flavored cupcake with dark chocolate orange buttercream with choc chips..ehmm..the orange and chocolate reminds me of eating those mini chocolate orange bars from.....?? slip my mind but I remember it comes in a package with several flavors..and in cream, orange and brown mini bars..was it cadbury? Loved that a lot..and loved this cupcake too.

Thanks for reading my I have two combinations of fruity taste with chocolate. Those are for an outlet that I normally send my cupcakes to. Both cupcakes are equally good..u know how to contact me if you want some to taste..TTFN..

Friday, August 15, 2008


Hahaha..I forgot to inform you that even though I could gift packed it nicely according to your requirement, there will be additional cost involved if you require special packaging, ribbons and other decorative items ..just in case you get a shock of your life when I tell you then!!

Till then...


We meet again...this time, I was like lying down on the bed thinking what would be good to serve for the puasa month. Of course the first thoughts would be the kueh mueh melayu..the lepat pisang, the lompang, kuih lapis and what have you.. and suddenly"Blink!!" Blink!!" "Blink!!". Why not we have muffins in addition to the delicious cupcakes?

I baked some today in the small cupcake cases. First thoughts of puasa month is breaking fast with dates. Yes I bake muffins with dates and almond..wanna have a look how it turn out?? see below...I cannot wait to taste it when it was in the oven..and when the oven goes "ting" aha..the muffins are ready!! Uhmm..uhmm smells sooooo good..and taste sooo nice..not too sweet and crunchy with the almonds bits in it..luv it..wanna try some..just sms, call or email me..minimum order is 12 pieces and it is reasonably priced at RM1 each. Price excluding transport charges..

I have thought of a few flavors that come to mind that is:

a) dates and almonds (as above);
b) banana and walnut;
c) apple and raisins;
d) mixed fruit with nuts;
e) plain with choc chips;
f) pumpkin seed and almonds;
g) plain with walnuts;
h) blueberry ;
i) others..(will let you know when I figure it out )

They will only be 3 flavors on any one day. This will be a good breaking fast gifts to your clients, relatives, friends, staff buka puasa event and others alike..I can also arrange for it to be gift wrapped according to your requirements but I need at least a day's notice to for do that. Don't forget I do cupcakes too, you can order them for your clients, relatives, friends etc as well..the flavors are as informed earlier. For cupcakes, minimum to deliver is 12 pieces too.

For those who want to consume it themselves - if you need me to deliver, at least you must confirm order in the morning. If u nearby and want to pick it up anytime in the afternoon is fine.

For all muffins and cupcakes orders, to confirm I would need 50% deposit. I will let you know the detail at the time of booking.

So till then..happy thoughts..especially of eating my cupcakes and muffins...hehehe..


Hi again,

What's new today, you say? Uhmm..nothing much except I bake something not new but different size and design..Remember, I baked some choc minis and I told you that I can also bake them in small, medium, large whatever..below is medium with white choc frosting and to top it I used choc rice.. I used a different tip to ice the frosting . Quite satisfied with the looks but a bit funny looking because it is halfway packed in plastic container ready to be sent out. Taste wise try it you can order...we are just a phone call away..

Aha..I packed this for a Kopitiam and then I remembered I forgot to take the pix of it. Well, pix looks a bit off because of the plastic casing but I can tell you the taste is scrumptous..look at the goooeeeyy..strawberry filling oozing out of the centre of the vanilla frosting..u want to try it? U know what to do...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Hi again,

Now let's look at available sizes..Normal standard is the medium sized cupcake case as below..

Just to explain available sizes :
From left to right: a) mini/dolly cupcake case;
b) medium cupcake case - normal and imported cupcake case;
c) large imported cupcake case;
d) x large imported cupcake case;

Those above are the plain ones. It also comes in many colors and design as well as it comes in gold and silver laminated ones as well!!!

Aha... next comes the packaging...c u in next post..


Hi all,

I have the pleasure of putting up a showcase of my accomplishment to date. Gone through some tough times when the cake did not rise to the occasion as it should and most of the time blame it on the oven!

Some of the designs that I have practised and sort of enjoyed doing..

This one is for my daughter's 2nd birthday and you should see her when she saw the cake...

This is my latest flavor and comes in minis...Do not worry I can make them in small, medium, large and xlarge too..Chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips and topped with dark chocolate buttercream and the other is topped with white chocolate buttercream..uhmm..uhmmm....made some for my twin brother's birthday and it was a hit with everyone..want to try just give me a call and order..

This are vaniila and chocolate flavored with different design and mostly topped with buttercream and decorative sugar bits.
This is also good...blueberry cupcake with vanilla buttercream...dreamy too..

The above are designs that can be done on the cupcakes for wedding gifts, parties and other occasions. Colors and design can also be customised to your requirement.

This is for my twin brother's birthday...Amir and Amar. Something new for them and they really had a good time trying to eat them!!

This is a request for a hantaran in green. So in order to make it more striking and nice I opt for pastel orange buds and roses.

I have also explored more into making flavored cupcakes rather than design..below are the flavors that can be ordered..


Vanilla cupcake with strawberry flavored buttercream


Orange cupcake with orange flavored buttercream


Chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream


Orange chocolate cupcake with chocolate orange buttercream


Devil’s food chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream


Oreo cupcake with vanilla buttercream and oreo biscuit topping


Chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips and dark chocolate buttercream


Chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips and white chocolate buttercream


Orange poppy seed cupcake with orange flavored buttercream


Blueberry cupcake with vanilla buttercream


Vanilla cupcake with strawberry puree filling topped with vanilla buttercream

If you are interested to order some please call me at 012 2827122/012 2389797(Wan) or email me at

Thanks for reading my post..will keep you posted with new flavors and design soon. Look into my Hari Raya gifts gallery if you need some for Raya..