Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hi Again...

Years ago I thought baking was just something impossible for me..but alas not to say I have achieved sooo much but I am quite happy of my work so far..

Yesterday I sat down and browsed through my cook book to decide what flavors I want to do then. I settled for chocolate cupcake with raspberry filling and dark chocolate buttercream but....I ended up with above..yes chocolate cupcake, instead of raspberry I have to settle for strawberry filling as I have some problem with piping the raspberry into the cupcake..but of course chocolate and strawberry are a match made in heaven, right? But I am not satisfied as I wanted the raspberry instead so I would have to repeat it soon ..below..

The above two pix are of orange flavored cupcake with dark chocolate orange buttercream with choc chips..ehmm..the orange and chocolate reminds me of eating those mini chocolate orange bars from.....?? slip my mind but I remember it comes in a package with several flavors..and in cream, orange and brown mini bars..was it cadbury? Loved that a lot..and loved this cupcake too.

Thanks for reading my I have two combinations of fruity taste with chocolate. Those are for an outlet that I normally send my cupcakes to. Both cupcakes are equally good..u know how to contact me if you want some to taste..TTFN..

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