Thursday, August 21, 2008

TODAY'S happening..

Hi all,

It was really not a good day today with hiccups..with orders fowled ups and price mismatched.. be cheap and good..rather challenging..

Anyway, I baked for some guests who did not turn up again due to god..I have a lot of challenges today..lucky thing I meet some friends for drinks and they liked what I baked for them..

It's oreo cupcake with white chocolate topping and oreo biscuit half on top. Some say it is too sweet for them..well it is definitely not that overwhelming but sweet. The hot weather we have nowadays makes me shy away from fresh cream/cheesey if they are not thhhhaaat sweet..when I baked the cupcakes, my youngest sat and finish three pieces in one go..must be good for my "fussy dont eat much" son eat it like a piranha..


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