Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Hi all,

I have the pleasure of putting up a showcase of my accomplishment to date. Gone through some tough times when the cake did not rise to the occasion as it should and most of the time blame it on the oven!

Some of the designs that I have practised and sort of enjoyed doing..

This one is for my daughter's 2nd birthday and you should see her when she saw the cake...

This is my latest flavor and comes in minis...Do not worry I can make them in small, medium, large and xlarge too..Chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips and topped with dark chocolate buttercream and the other is topped with white chocolate buttercream..uhmm..uhmmm....made some for my twin brother's birthday and it was a hit with everyone..want to try just give me a call and order..

This are vaniila and chocolate flavored with different design and mostly topped with buttercream and decorative sugar bits.
This is also good...blueberry cupcake with vanilla buttercream...dreamy too..

The above are designs that can be done on the cupcakes for wedding gifts, parties and other occasions. Colors and design can also be customised to your requirement.

This is for my twin brother's birthday...Amir and Amar. Something new for them and they really had a good time trying to eat them!!

This is a request for a hantaran in green. So in order to make it more striking and nice I opt for pastel orange buds and roses.

I have also explored more into making flavored cupcakes rather than design..below are the flavors that can be ordered..


Vanilla cupcake with strawberry flavored buttercream


Orange cupcake with orange flavored buttercream


Chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream


Orange chocolate cupcake with chocolate orange buttercream


Devil’s food chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream


Oreo cupcake with vanilla buttercream and oreo biscuit topping


Chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips and dark chocolate buttercream


Chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips and white chocolate buttercream


Orange poppy seed cupcake with orange flavored buttercream


Blueberry cupcake with vanilla buttercream


Vanilla cupcake with strawberry puree filling topped with vanilla buttercream

If you are interested to order some please call me at 012 2827122/012 2389797(Wan) or email me at

Thanks for reading my post..will keep you posted with new flavors and design soon. Look into my Hari Raya gifts gallery if you need some for Raya..

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