Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We are announcing that we will be taking orders for cakes for Raya :

a) Chocolate Cakes - 1 kg RM50
b) Butter Cakes - 1 kg RM 45
c) Oreo Butter Cake - 1 kg RM50
d) Chocolate Chip Butter Cake - 1 kg RM50
e) Strawberry Butter Cake - 1 kg RM50
f) Chocolate Marble Cake - 1 kg RM50
g) Hawaiian Cake (Pineapple) - 1 kg RM55
h) Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting - 1 kg RM60
i) Marbled Cheese Cake - 1 kg RM55
j) Durian Cheesecake - 8 inches round cake RM85 (approx 2 kg)
k) Mini Sausage Puffs;
l) Curry Puffs;
m) Tuna Puffs;

We are also be taking orders for our normal offerings:

a) Cupcakes;
c) Cream Puffs;
d) Mini Cheesecakes;
e) Brownies:
f) Baklavas;
g) Assorted Muffins:
h) Lasagna;

We will be also announcing the variety of biscuits that we are offering for orders soon.

We can also gift pack the cakes, other bakes and biscuits to your requirement. These items are available for orders for "buka puasas" and other celebrations.

All price quoted are excluding delivery charges.

Please let us know your orders soon. Latest pick up/delivery date will be 2 days before Raya..