Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Clearance Sale : Cupcake boxes

Clearance sale of cupcake boxes on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS at RM0.50 per pc and minimum order is 100 pcs. I have about 1,500 pieces to clear. It comes in white with 2 pieces, main box with window and a cupcake stand.
Can fit up to a 3.5 oz cupcake size. Exact size is 7.5cm x 7.5cm x 7.5 cm, the stand inside diameter is 6cm.
PICK UP ONLY or can be delivered to nearest pick up point nearby to Bandar Menjalara.
Postal deliveries is also possible but I have yet to inquire how much.

Please Whatsapp or SMS to Farah/ Wan at 012 2827122/ 012 2389797


This is a 2.5 kg++ moist chocolate cake covered with chocolate cream and frosted with butter cream. This is  a customized version as requested by the parent for his daughter's birthday. Comforting to have such a loving  and thoughtful father..Thanks for the cake order.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


A 3.5 kg++ chocolate moist cake with chocolate cream filling and frosting wrapped with buttercream on the outside.
Customer request for the PSY  figurine with the car ...
Customer feedback - It is super cantik Kak, Tqvm to u....
That short line made my day :)


Small Cakes are in now as one wants to celebrate together - just the two of u and it is a shame to get big cakes and put the rest to waste. We do customize small cakes from size 5 inches round and price starts from  RM25 self pick from Bandar Menjalara. 
These are Chocolate Moist and we can also do other flavors too.
Just SMS/WhatsApp or Email to Farah 012 2827122 / Wan 012 2389797

Children's cake with edible image

This is a marble cheesecake frosted with butter cream topped with edible image.

Blue theme cupcakes for Cukur Jambul ceremony

Blue theme flowered 1 oz cupcakes for cukur jambul. 
Minimum order 49 pieces at RM1.20 per piece.

Birthday Cake with Edible Image - Lightning McQueen

Chocolate Moist Cake with chocolate cream filling and frosted with butter cream.