Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend blues..

Hi all,

Had a last minute order from our cousin yesterday, Solha..for her son's tenth birthday..she says her son loves chocolate so chocolate it is..I thought of giving the cupcakes more colors but I decided on just chocolate theme..devils' food chocolate with chocolate chips cupcake with chocolate buttercream and chocolate chips topping..mummy wants some with nuts..add nuts to those with the vanilla buttercream frosting just to differentiate..I really hope the birthday boy, the other siblings and of course mummy enjoyed the cupcakes too :P

I made these for today's buka puasa. It is mini sambal tumis ikan bilis puff..really pedas to go with the crsip layers of the puff. Uuhhmm..made it like last minute as I have to cook the buka pouasa spread..Good thing it was ready when we have feasted on the buka puasa it was like the finale to a big meal and it was gone as fast as it comes to the table..

That's all for not forget to place your orders for Hari Raya cupcakes, Ramadhan Specials and miffins now..also rendang and lemang too :P

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Orders for lemang and rendangs..

Hi all,

Just to remind before I forget, if any of you are interested in getting lemang and rendang that I told you all about earlier, please place your orders soon as I am about to place my orders too..

To reiterate there are various rendangs:

a) Rendang tok;
b) Rendang pedas;
c) Dendeng daging ;
d) Rendang ayam;
e) Lemang rebus;

Price for (a), (b) and (c) - RM55 per kilo;
(d) - 45 per kilo;
(e) - 10 per batang -medium sized;

Let me know soon if any of you are interested..satisfaction guaranteed, insyaallah..


Pre weekend orders - Ramadhan Specials

Hi all,

One of friends ordered my Ramadhan Special , 48 of them today for her office buka puasa... :).
It was a feat to do all those , eventhough just 48 pieces today..a very hoootttt dddaayyy..

Really tiring day and sticky day. Result of my order today..quite pleased with myself but I think the buttercream got a bit oozy because of the heat.

At last I found the pix of my strawberry jelly with fresh strawberry strips and nato de coco..available at my little outlet in Taman Tun..going for RM1.50 per tub..

I tried doing the banofee and this is the result.. :)
Farah, of course, rationed everybody from taking more than one..hehehe..making sure she get a bigger share but nobody take heed of her and finish it in a jiffy..uhmm banana and toffee is a really good combination and the creamy fresh cream..there goes my puasa today..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A peek at what I have at the outlet

Hi all,

Just a peek at what I have at the outlet during the Ramadhan at about 5pm till 7pm:

On the left are mini tuna puffs going for RM!.50 for two pieces and at the bottom is a pix of one of the assorted flavors I have daily ie. the banana banana walnut muffins also going at RM1.50 each.
All are packed individually so no direct handling so as to maintain hygiene and also keeps off dust .

Happy trying..I got the pix of my jelly but I cannot seem to locate it in my pix library..hope you can drop by and get some of them when you are not worry if you cannot find it, you can call or sms me if you want them packed and delivered or can pick up from my house too..

Today's happening..

Hi all,

Today we opened a table in front of Taman Tun Pasaraya..for the forth time, I think. My son in law man the little outlet. Response pretty good :p

Yesterday I had strawberry flavored jelly with fresh strawberry strips (only nmahal lah!!) and nato de coco, mini tuna puff and muffins of assorted flavors ie. banana walnut, banana choc chip and walnut with choc chips..

Today, I had same of above and additional flavor of walnut and pumpkin seed..little of each. Malas day indeed :( and some of the jelly..x buat mini tuna puff..

Before I go, has anybody check out my Ramadhan Special?

I just give you a run down on what I have there..


a) Orange flavored cupcake with dark chocolate frosting with choc chips;
b) Chocolate chip cupcake with white chocolate frosting with choc rice;
c) Vanilla flavored cupcake with strawberry filling and vanilla frosting;
d) Chocolate cupcake with strawberry filling and dark chocolate frosting;
e) Chocolate chip cupcake with strawberry frosting and choc chips;
f) Oreo cupcake with vanilla frosting and oreo half;
g) Vanilla flavored with white chocolate frosting;

RM30 per 12 pieces
Exclusive of delivery

Alaaa..just go to then you c the pix ..offer as above.

Check out our little outlet in front of the Guardian Pharmacy Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

For tomorrow, we see what we have in store for you..cheerio.


Hi all,

We are having a Ramadhan Special on some of our best selling flavors..check it out on for more info.

Selamat berpuasa..hang in there :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Orders from my dear friend and cuz..

Hi all,

Been a quiet week for me (baking wise) what with puasa month being here ..not complaining..just that when puasa month is here, activity is very high in the kitchen!!
What with the buka puasa spread and the appetizer and dessert corner as well as the drinks..and the prayers..and the continued eating and the top it up I am cooking for 11 people daily...Uhmm..there goes dieting ..must eat to keep up with the chores..excuse..excuse..

Today, Farah's friend, Ara placed an order for 100 pieces of cupcakes for her sister's doa selamat kenduri. Farah, however, forgot to take some photos of the hoo... :( but good thing is the cupcakes were gone in a jiffy...(Farah attended the kenduri) Lega dan2 letih 2 terus ilang.. Ara, many thanks for the order dear.. :)

As I was baking for Ara, got a call from another good friend of mine, Nora, her daughter goes to school with my son Amin. Both are in SKTTDI 1 in Std 5 Intan. Thank you very much for the order dear..hope your children like it..( I think I got carried away with trying to impress Nora with too many design and colors..uhmm..)

These are for my cousin Kak Dee in SS 2. I am trying to make amends with her because the last order I made for her were not as exciting as she expects it to be.. :(
Hopes this will make up a bit .. again I always get carried away with giving her too many design.. pening..pening..Thanks again for the order Kak Dee :)
Sorry the pix is a bit a hurry and took pictures with my kadang2 good and not. This time not.. :p

Lastly, please sms or give me a call if you are interested to order..

Thanks for reading my blog..

Monday, September 1, 2008


Dear all,

I forgot to let you know about my Raya cookies....Above is Orange Cheddar Biscuits yum..yumm. going for RM40 per 100 pieces..made from the best ingredients there is..
The above clockwise, Almond Chocolate Fingers, Fruit and Nuts Biscuits, Chocolate Chips Biscuits and finally Pumpkin Seed Biscuits..all going for RM35 for 100 pieces. 100% homemade, halal and 100% butter..

Don't forget to check out my CUPCAKES , MUFFINS and others for BUKA PUASA AND AIDIL FITRI ... just email or sms/call us about your orders.. Wan - 012 2389797/ or Farah 012 2827122/

Business is as usual till further notice..



Dear all,

Just to wish everyone Selamat mengerjakan ibadat puasa sepanjang bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini..this is me and my darling hubby...and introducing the rest of my big family.
The apple of everyone's grand daughter, Sarah Ayesha..@ Princess Alice (that's what she like to be called!!) uhmm..

This is of course the Princess's mum, Farah eldest daughter.
and the daddy, Fathur son- in-law..

This is my youngest Aman Zaim Ridhwan and Sarah trying to help me cut my birthday cake..

These are my other kids, Atik Zaki Ridhwan, Alya Yasmin, Amir Zahid Ridhwan, Amar Zaidi Ridhwan, Amin Zamri Ridhwan and Aman Zaim Ridhwan with Sarah Ayesha..

Salam from all of us..

P/S, business is as usual until further notice.. please place your orders soon so that we can make the necassary arrangement..

Cupcakes, cupcakes and cupckaes

Hi all,

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan ..setahun sudah pun berlalu...cepatnya masa berjalan..

Anyway, I had an order for a birthday cupcakes..done the first two and end up with the third pix as the final..for delivery ..
There is also another birthday for my little niece, Qistina who turns one on Saturday 30th August 2008.

Yet another niece who turns 30 on the 31st August 2008 and I just make her a simple design cupcakes with just swirls and vibrant color..
There was a lot of baking done on of my friend orders the vanilla cupcake with strawberry chips and vanilla buttercream with strawberry chips topping and chocolate cupcake with choc chips and choc buttercream with choc chips topping.
another pix of the order..
She also ordered for her mum without any frosting so the cupcakes are bare top..wohh..
Aha..found some pix of my earlier work that got lost in my pix gallery..these are vanilla cupcake with sugar flower and vanilla buttercream..

These was earlier catalogues as my grand-daughter's 2nd birthday cake..cannot get over that I did this..ummmhmm..
Vanilla cupcakes with orange, pink, white, brown and green colored swirl buttercream..

These are the large cupcakes which I did with some pink swirls on white buttercream..
Yes, very flowery and rather cute...I think :)

This was my daughter, Farah's, first attempt to make a chocolate cake for my hubby's birthday. Looks a bit was made from fresh cream and chocolate icing ..taste heavenly though...
This was done for my cousin's daughter's engagement party..

Some more of my earlier work which I had done for my granddaughter's 2nd birthday..

these are with sugar bits..

these are with chocolate rice

Just to show various form of packaging that we offer..

Packaging A..

Packaging B
Packaging C

Packaging D
Packaging E

Enough for tonite..will get back to you soon. Happy reading..