Monday, June 27, 2011

DFC with mint cheese and choc ganache

Made these for Sarah's birthday..Devil's Food Cake with mint cheese and chocolate ganache ..this square cut cakes are good for any kind of occasion. Cut up just enough for two whole bites into the cake..imagine as u bite it it, the taste of the chocolate cake mingled with minty cheese and the smooth chocolate ganache..sheer pleasure and satisfaction at the same time..u have got to taste it to understand what I meant by it..

I also have the whole cake version somewhere below..

Chocolate Twix Brownies

Definitely good for the chocolate lovers..very rich with chocolate and topped off with twix to make it even richer in taste..yum..yumm

This 8 x 8 inches beauty is RM45 , own pick up from Bandar Menjalara.

Interested to order, please SMS or email us your orders.. :)

Children's Birthday Cake - a Car

Got an order for a 2 kg chocolate cake for both the customer's son age 1 and 10.. a car..had sleepless nights before I actually made this cake..I have changed the setting of the car take into account a baby and an older brother..uhmmm don't know whether I managed to give them a twinkle in their eyes or a bit dull I must say... :(

I set the car in the middle across the board leaving space for me to put something for the baby, a no '1' candle with a teddy plus some marshmallows on the stick( balloons..I can't find my balloons arrrgghh..but the marshmallows choc balls gives it colors..I liked that effect..
The elder brother I supposed will enjoy the red car..rather sporty ehhh??

Happy y birthday to Danish Aiman and Danish Adrian..hope they enjoyed the much as I had a headache trying to figure out what to do..hehehe
Their mum sent an email to say she loved the cake and will order more in future..Alhamdulillah..

Chocolate Marshmallow Balls

This is our new product, Chocolate Marshmallow Balls on a stick....absolute hit for a children's party..even the adults got caught in stealing a bite or two hehehe...

We are selling them at RM1.20 each gift - gift wrapped, minimum order is 50 pieces. We can also assemble them for u example on a 2- tiered Styrofoam cake board, etc.

Interested to order please sms/email us..

Children's Birthday Cake - Barbie's Castle

This is a 2 tiered chocolate moist cake layered with chocolate cream and strawberry filling, with butter cream frosting.

This cake was made for my grand-daughter , Sarah who turned 5 recently. We had another tea party at home for the family and friends.

My grand-daughter is a definite fan of I thought a Barbie Castle would be a good surprise for her..owwhhh when she first saw it, it brought a twinkle in her eyes... that is the look that I was looking for whenever I baked and decorate..for mummies on the look out for children's birthday cakes..oh yes..we can custom make a cake for your lovely kids..

Please sms/email us for orders..we will try to accommodate your request at reasonable prices.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH...hugs hugs hugs...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Barbie Doll again

This is a Barbie Doll cake that I made for my grand-daughter, Sarah who celebrates her 5th birthday today..Happy Birthday Sarah. She brought her cake to her kindy and had a small birthday celeb with her classmates..
As her her request the Barbie must have wings and a wand..uhmmm..the Barbie's hair owwwhhh a bit messy ahhh...windy day,..I guess hehehe

Birthday Cuppies

These are butter cake cupcakes with butter cream frosting..specially requested pink/ purple roses roses for a special lady friend..hope u enjoyed the cupcakes..:)

Happy Birthday Julieana..

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Devil's Food with Mint Cheese and Chocolate Ganache

Awesome cake..really rich in taste..and for those who love the mint taste..this cake is really something that u should try..made this cake for Father's Day recently and everyone had seconds..

Cross section of what's left of the cake..forgot to take a better picture earlier..hehehe but thumbs up for this cake!!

Love to order and share with your love ones..please sms/email me..Cake is priced at RM115 for a 2.0 kg + cake, own pick up from Bandar Menjalara.

Chocolate, Peanut and Caramel Cheesecake

Yum yum..taste very chocolatey, peanut-y and cheesy..for the cheese and chocolate lovers..made this cheesecake for my dear hubby's birthday and it was a is a no bake 9 inches cheesecake.

Just sms/email us if u r interested to order.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Blue Posies

Blue posies in full order from a good friend..

Interested to order ...sms me, Wan 012 238 9797 or Farah 012 282 7122

Sunday, June 5, 2011


This is a 4 kg Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting..made for the SMKT Gombak girl's for their teacher..HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY ( a belated one)

Cream Puffs..

All time favorite of mine. and some of u, is making a come back in my baking scene....cream puffs with delicious egg custard cream filling and dusted with icing sugar..uhmmm .very super yummy..soft, light shell and creamy n luscious fillings...can taste the cream in my mouth now..

Good with afternoon tea ...Minimum order is 50 pieces at RM30..worth a try..

The Rainbow cake

Rainbow Cake

Got an order for Rainbow Cake n this is a trial run of the the colors ....

This is the cross section of the cake..very creamy and rich..

This cake is priced at RM110 for a 2.0 kg + cake with Italian Buttercream..yum yum.. Price is for own pcik up Bandar Menjalara Kepong...I guess we can consider delivering too at a charge depending on locations.

Adult Birthday Cake

This is a request from a dear friend of mine for her friend's birthday..theme a half naked women sunbathing ..obviously the cake was for a male friend..she called to say they loved the was a triple layered chocolate cake with butter cream frosting..

Children's Edible Image Birthday Cake

A cake for Uthman Haris with Toy Story edible image ..a late order but lucky thing I managed to do it for the birthday boy..a buttercake with butter cream frosting