Saturday, August 9, 2008


Helo all,

Puasa and Raya is round the corner..

I have enclosed below some of the Hari Raya gifts for loved ones, friends and colleaque. If you are interested to order, please give me a call at 012 282 7122 / 012 2389797 -Wan or email me.

Gift A:
The above box is made of natural fibre and holds 15 pieces of medium sized ccupcakes . Flavors are vanilla and chocolate and is decorated in various colors and design. The colors and design can be customised according to your requirement.

Gift 2
The box contain 16 pieces of medium sized cupcakes and is decorated with flowers and ribbons.
Colors and design can be customise to suit your requirement.
Price is RM85 exclusive of transport.

Gift 3
This set contains a mengkuang box with two types of cookies ie. 50 pieces of chocolate chips and 50 pieces of pumpkin seed biscuit.
Price is RM105 exclusive of delivery charges.
A selection of favorite biscuits..(top left to right) (a) pumpkin seed biscuit, (b) almond coffee biscuit, (c) fruit and walnuts biscuits and (d) chocolate chips biscuit.
Price RM35 for 50 pieces for each type. You can order them separately too.
Gift 4
It consist of a handmade mengkuang basket with a large sized fruit cake.
Price is RM150 exclusive of transport.Gift 5
It consist of a handmade mengkuang basket with a small sized fruit cake.
Price is RM120 exclusive of delivery charges.

Gift 6
It consist of bird cage with 4 cannister of cookies and dodol.
Price is RM200 exclusive of delivery charge.
Gift 7
It consist of a utility case comes with 6 cannister of cookies.
Price RM500 exclusive of delivery charge.

I still have more good things to come to usher in Ramadhan in the coming post.

Thank you for reading my post and please let me know if you are interested to order.

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