Monday, September 1, 2008

Cupcakes, cupcakes and cupckaes

Hi all,

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan ..setahun sudah pun berlalu...cepatnya masa berjalan..

Anyway, I had an order for a birthday cupcakes..done the first two and end up with the third pix as the final..for delivery ..
There is also another birthday for my little niece, Qistina who turns one on Saturday 30th August 2008.

Yet another niece who turns 30 on the 31st August 2008 and I just make her a simple design cupcakes with just swirls and vibrant color..
There was a lot of baking done on of my friend orders the vanilla cupcake with strawberry chips and vanilla buttercream with strawberry chips topping and chocolate cupcake with choc chips and choc buttercream with choc chips topping.
another pix of the order..
She also ordered for her mum without any frosting so the cupcakes are bare top..wohh..
Aha..found some pix of my earlier work that got lost in my pix gallery..these are vanilla cupcake with sugar flower and vanilla buttercream..

These was earlier catalogues as my grand-daughter's 2nd birthday cake..cannot get over that I did this..ummmhmm..
Vanilla cupcakes with orange, pink, white, brown and green colored swirl buttercream..

These are the large cupcakes which I did with some pink swirls on white buttercream..
Yes, very flowery and rather cute...I think :)

This was my daughter, Farah's, first attempt to make a chocolate cake for my hubby's birthday. Looks a bit was made from fresh cream and chocolate icing ..taste heavenly though...
This was done for my cousin's daughter's engagement party..

Some more of my earlier work which I had done for my granddaughter's 2nd birthday..

these are with sugar bits..

these are with chocolate rice

Just to show various form of packaging that we offer..

Packaging A..

Packaging B
Packaging C

Packaging D
Packaging E

Enough for tonite..will get back to you soon. Happy reading..


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