Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wwekend blues...

Hi again,

Just to update over the weekend I did some chocolate chip muffins and walnut muffins..both a hit with the kids..

Tried a hand in making individual bake cheese cake and I think I am satisfied with the comments given by some of my friends who are my guinea pigs..hehehe..lucky it was okay and a thumbs up..
While I was purchasing the topping I have a picture in my head of gooey cherries pie filling to make up the topping of the cheese cake., so cleverly I bought something in a can from china thinking that I will get same effect but sadly the cherries are soggy ..and it stained my cheese cake..
Looks okay but the cherries has a bitter after taste.. overall, the cheese cake set nicely and when chilled was really yummy....
Uhhmm...for those going back to school tomorrow, hope you have done your homework and also done your revision for coming exams...thanks for reading my blog..have a good day..

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