Friday, August 15, 2008


Hi again,

What's new today, you say? Uhmm..nothing much except I bake something not new but different size and design..Remember, I baked some choc minis and I told you that I can also bake them in small, medium, large whatever..below is medium with white choc frosting and to top it I used choc rice.. I used a different tip to ice the frosting . Quite satisfied with the looks but a bit funny looking because it is halfway packed in plastic container ready to be sent out. Taste wise try it you can order...we are just a phone call away..

Aha..I packed this for a Kopitiam and then I remembered I forgot to take the pix of it. Well, pix looks a bit off because of the plastic casing but I can tell you the taste is scrumptous..look at the goooeeeyy..strawberry filling oozing out of the centre of the vanilla frosting..u want to try it? U know what to do...

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