Friday, August 15, 2008


We meet again...this time, I was like lying down on the bed thinking what would be good to serve for the puasa month. Of course the first thoughts would be the kueh mueh melayu..the lepat pisang, the lompang, kuih lapis and what have you.. and suddenly"Blink!!" Blink!!" "Blink!!". Why not we have muffins in addition to the delicious cupcakes?

I baked some today in the small cupcake cases. First thoughts of puasa month is breaking fast with dates. Yes I bake muffins with dates and almond..wanna have a look how it turn out?? see below...I cannot wait to taste it when it was in the oven..and when the oven goes "ting" aha..the muffins are ready!! Uhmm..uhmm smells sooooo good..and taste sooo nice..not too sweet and crunchy with the almonds bits in it..luv it..wanna try some..just sms, call or email me..minimum order is 12 pieces and it is reasonably priced at RM1 each. Price excluding transport charges..

I have thought of a few flavors that come to mind that is:

a) dates and almonds (as above);
b) banana and walnut;
c) apple and raisins;
d) mixed fruit with nuts;
e) plain with choc chips;
f) pumpkin seed and almonds;
g) plain with walnuts;
h) blueberry ;
i) others..(will let you know when I figure it out )

They will only be 3 flavors on any one day. This will be a good breaking fast gifts to your clients, relatives, friends, staff buka puasa event and others alike..I can also arrange for it to be gift wrapped according to your requirements but I need at least a day's notice to for do that. Don't forget I do cupcakes too, you can order them for your clients, relatives, friends etc as well..the flavors are as informed earlier. For cupcakes, minimum to deliver is 12 pieces too.

For those who want to consume it themselves - if you need me to deliver, at least you must confirm order in the morning. If u nearby and want to pick it up anytime in the afternoon is fine.

For all muffins and cupcakes orders, to confirm I would need 50% deposit. I will let you know the detail at the time of booking.

So till then..happy thoughts..especially of eating my cupcakes and muffins...hehehe..

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