Thursday, August 21, 2008


Good morning.....

This is my rendang kambing ...looks innocent, kan? My children complains that it is too good, warning me not cook that often or we will all put on MORE weight!!! Hahaha..very inviting indeed ..for those who likes variety and do not have the time to make it themselves can get them from me..this Raya am selling them for RM45 per kilo..but if like crave it for now..please give me an sms, email..your requirement..

Also I do Ayam Rendang pedas,Kari Ayam, Ayam Malbari ( ohh I do not have pix of it but it's like the ones kat mamak nasi kandar..ayam in gooey dark sauce...also my children's favorite ..for chicken I am selling them at RM45 per chicken..

The Beef rendang minang, rendang tok and going for RM55 per kg Uhhmm this one actually my cousin who has long been supplying me during the puasa/raya finger licking good too..I thought I'd share her cooking with you..and her lemang is to die's boiled lemang in the buloh and not burnt..usually those lemangs which is cooked the traditional way that is over the fire is good too, it is just that sometimes you get unlucky and buy the half cooked ones !! This is also traditional and to me it guarantees that the lemang is cooked all over and does have the hard outer crust which sometimes you cut it out and goes to waste. The lemang goes at RM10 per piece. All the above are available anytime especially during the puasa/raya period. These prices quoted above does not include delivery charges...

Gift Hampers..continued from RAYA GIFTS..

1) Hamper 08-01
consist of 4 cookies, dodol, chocolates, fruit cake and songket.
Price RM400

2) Hamper 08-02
consist of 4 cookies, dodol, chocolates and fruit cake(large).
Price RM350

3) Hamper 08-03
consist of 4 cookies, dodol and fruit cake(small).
Price RM250
4) Hamper 08-04
consist of 4 cookies

5) Hamper 08-05
consist of 4 cookies, dodol, chocolates/juices and fruit cake(large).
Price RM300
All prices above are exclusive of delivery.

So jangan tunggu lama2 nak order please email, sms or give me a call..

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