Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chocolate cake with fresh strawberries

This is a 8 inches chocolate moist cake layered and filled with strawberry jam. It is frosted with chocolate cream and topped with fresh strawberries.

Uhmmm strawberries this and strawberries that..hehehe a fun strawberry week for me...

This was supposed to be a surprise birthday treat for my dear friend Ina, but I was as usual late for the lunch that I forgot to bring the cake with me..uhmmmm

Mini Cheesecakes

This is a 4 inches cheesecake with raspberry topping..yum yum..good for small eaters, or small servings..good for parties, hi teas and any occasion for that matter.

Various topping is offered - raspberry, blueberry and strawberry.

Price is RM15 excluding delivery. Minimum order is 2 mini cakes.


This is a 6 inches cheesecake, spread with strawberry jam and topped with fresh strawberries The sides of the cake are covered with white chocolate disks.

This was a belated birthday cake for one of my girlfriends...

Price for this smallish cake is RM35 excluding delivery.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cupcakes with Buttercream Roses

These are cupcakes with buttercream roses

Fondant Cupcakes

These are my latest fondant cupcakes as hantaran for an engagement party.... theme colors were pink, baby blue and purple... with six of the dancing teddies..the wordings are in Jawi..hope it is the correct spelling..

Cuppies for Cukur Jambul ceremony

An order from a regular customer for her son's "Cukur Jambul" ceremony..congratulations Zana and hubby. These are 2 .5 oz chocolate and vanilla cupcakes frosted with pure buttercream n all toppers are also buttercream.. it is packed individually in a box but sorry forgot to take picture of the final product.

Chocolate Cake with Pure Buttercream

This is a 1++ kg 6 inches chocolate cake with pure buttercream for Farah's friend..

The accompanying cupcakes with edible image

These are cupcakes that accompanied the birthday cake for Dato Gen..they are 2 oz chocolate cupcakes slathered with chocolate cream and topped with edible image.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Macaroons Fever

I used to love making macaroons but not making them anymore.. :(

Given up hope of making cute Macaroons but alas..check this link from Aunty Yochana and see her creation..makes me wanna start baking macaroons

And her other creations like this, will make u wanna smile and make some immediately..

Birthday Cake with edible image

THis a 9 inch 2.5 kg chocolate birthday cake with edible image.

Children's Edible Image Birthday Cake

This is a 2.5 kg chocolate cake filled with chocolate cream and frosted with butter cream. The image of super heroes is used here.


This is a 6 inches cake weighing about 1.2 kg. This is good for those who loves chocolate and likes to eat cakes..
It is a dark chocolate cake filled with butterscotch butter cream and frosted with soft butter cream. I drizzle the top with chocolate butter cream and chocolate ganache as well chocolate shavings. If u don't get high on chocolates, I really don't know what else can do this..

Priced at RM50 a kg and own pick up. SMS/email me if you'd like to order. One day's notice is required for the order.