Monday, December 29, 2008


These are for the coming Chinese New Year ..YEAR OF THE RAT

They are medium cupcakes and the flavors can be dark chocolate, dark chocolate orange, orange or vanilla.

It comes in a set of 6 pieces in a special red box as above. These will be good as presents for the Chinese New Year. These are going for RM28 per box.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Am very sorry for giving you the wrong information.

The minimum order is 100 pieces instead of 50 pieces as stated.

The inner stand is 6 cm in diameter and can take cupcake size upto 5.5cm.

I have done a few test on the cupcake case as above to show the fitting to the stand.

Hope it helps and my apologies again for the misinformation on the minimum quantity.

Take care..

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Hi again,

Forgot to mention , minimum quantity per order is 50 pieces and price exclusive of delivery charges.

TTFN..ta ta for now :)


Dear all,

I have good news for some of you..

I have been going round and round to get this box and now it has finally arrived.

It is suitable for a single cupcake especially for wedding favors, parties, door gifts and corporate gifts..

Price per unit is RM0.75

Just sms me at 012 2389797 or email me at if you want to order them. At moment I only have white ones.

Please view my website on cupcakes and other bakes..

Have a nice day.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


These are the delivery charges which I have been mentioning about but never got round to publishing it again..


FREE Delivery Charges within Desa Park City and Sunway SPK Damansara.

Immediate areas - RM 10 - RM15 per address
Bandar Utama, D'sara Utama, D'sara Jaya, D'sara Perdana, Taman Tun, Mutiara D'sara, Bukit Maluri, Bandar Sri Damansara and Kota D'sara

RM 20-RM30 per address
Kl, PJ, Ampang, Taman Melawati and Gombak

Other Areas RM50 per address
Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, Klang, Technology Park, Bukit Jalil, Puchong, Cheras, Serdang and Subang Jaya.


This are some of new designs and flavors that I have done for friends..

Chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream and sugar bits...and wicked chocolate cupcake - dark chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream and chocolate shavings..all small sized.. RM2.50 each with minimum order of 9 pieces - RM22.50, 16 pieces -RM40 and 25 pieces at RM62.50..
These are a favorite amongst kids.. vanilla oreo cupcake with vanilla buttercream topped with oreos..
These again are wicked chocolate cupcake-dark chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream and chocolate shavings..
Both the oreo and wicked chocolate cupcake are medium sized and are at RM3.50 per cupcake and minimum order is 16 pieces - RM56
Other than cupcakes, I also have mini chipsmore puffs....also a hit with the kids..the chipsmore biscuit also have a chocolate cream/caramel filling is really a double treat..RM1.00 each and minimum order is 12 pieces. Price does not include delivery charge.
These are my latest additions..strawberry tarts..looks good and taste good too..These are at RM1.20 per piece. You can have an option of kiwi or pineapple. Minimum order is 9 pieces. Any orders above 25 pieces will be at Rm1.00 each. Price does not include delivery charge.

If you are interested to order for parties, birthdays, wedding parties, tea time treats etc, please sms or call me at 012 2389797 or email me at

All orders must be made with at least 3 day notice and payment must be made after order has been made. Payment must be made to Account No: 114272170007 in the name of Farah Dinah Muhammad razif. Please mms me the receipt or scan and email the receipt.

For orders, please email me the following details:

a) Name:
b) Contact No:
c) Details of order:
d) Quantity of order:
e) Flavor:
f) Design:
g) Delivery address(if required):

Delivery charges are as stated in the prior blog..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kuih Makmur

Check out my website at for further details.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Tis the season to be jolly, tra la la la la la..

As promised, I have already got my Christmas package for you..

There are 6 designs you can choose from or you can also have a combination of all in the same package.

1) Package A - RM48

Consist of 16 pieces of medium soufle cup cake in the above designs.
Flavor : Vanilla/ Chocolate
Packaging : Transparent square box and ribbons.

2) Package B - RM78

Consist of 25 pieces of small soufle cup cake in the above designs.
Flavor: Vanilla/Chocolate
Packaging: Transparent square box and ribbons.

Orders can be made by sending me the following detail:

1) Name:
2) Contact No:
3) Package No:
4) Flavor:
5) Delivery address:

to my email at or SMS me the order details. Orders and payment must be made within 3 days of date required.

There is a minimum charge of RM20 per delivery within Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Bukit Damansara, Kota Damansara, PJ, Bandar Utama and Kepong area . For orders of more then 5 sets of the above package, the delivery charge for the above mentioned areas are FREE to the same address.

Likewise, for delivery to other areas than above, the delivery charge will be the normal charges as previously advised. For orders of more than 5 sets of the above package, you will enjoy a special discounted delivery charge provided orders are to be delivered to same address.

Payment must be made to Farah Dinah bt Muhammad Razif, Maybank Account: 114272170007
Once payment is made, MMS the receipt of payment or scan the receipt and email.

If no payment is received within the 3 days before date required, the order will be considered as cancelled.

Please view my website for otther promotions running concurrently with this promo. This Christmas promo is available till 28th December 2008.

Friday, December 5, 2008


This being the month of Weddings ,Annual Dinners, family get togethers, Christmas, I am extending my promotion of cupcakes to the intended as well as takes care of the budget.

a) Favors A: RM1.15 each
Including: Small paper cup cupcake and white buttercream swirl (with 3 other color swirls of your choice)
Flavor: Vanilla or Chocolate
Packaging: Transparent dome container
Minimum order: 500pcs Sample of favor A
b) Favors B: RM1.25 each
Including: Small paper cup cupcake with white buttercream swirl (with 3 other colors swirls of your choice) and buttercream alphabet writing on top.
Flavor: Vanilla or Chocolate
Packaging: Transparent dome container
Minimum order: 500pcs

Sample of favor B
c)Favors C: RM1.35 each
Including: Small paper cup cupcake and white buttercream swirl with decorative
sugar bits. Flavor: Vanilla or Chocolate Packaging: Transparent dome container Minimum order: 500pcs Sample of favor C:
d) Favors D: RM1.45 each
Including: Small paper cup cupcake and white buttercream swirl and love decorative sugar bit.
Flavor: Vanilla or Chocolate
Packaging: Transparent dome container
Minimum order: 500pcs

Sample of favor D:
e) Favors E: RM1.60 each
Including: Small paper cup cupcake and swirl with chocolate drizzle.
Flavor: Vanilla or Chocolate
Packaging: Transparent dome container
Minimum order: 500pcs

Sample of favor E:
f) Favors F: RM1.80 each
Including: Small paper cup cupcake and garden design as below.
Flavor: Vanilla or Chocolate
Packaging: Transparent dome container
Minimum order: 500pcs

Sample of favor F:
g) Favors G: RM1.50 each
Including: 3 Mini paper cup cupcake and buttercream swirl - choice of three colors.
Flavor: Vanilla or Chocolate
Packaging: Transparent round container
Minimum order: 500pcs

Sample of favor G:
h) Favors H: RM3.75 each
Including: 6 Mini paper cup cupcake and buttercream swirl - choice of three colors. Flavor: Vanilla / Chocolate
Plastic rectangle container and ribbon and flower as shown
Minimum order: 500pcs

Sample of favor H:
i) Favors I: RM2.40 each
Including: Medium paper cup cupcake and chocolate ganache - come with garden design or lettering.
Flavor: Chocolate
Transparent dome container
Minimum order: 500pcs

Sample of favor I:

All Favors A to I (except G and H) can be made in soufle cup at an extra charge of RM0.20 per piece and also size of all Favors A to I (except G and H) can be changed to medium paper cup size at an additional cost of RM0.75 per piece and can be made in a soufle cup at an extra cost of RM0.30 per piece.

j) Favors J: RM2.50 each

Including: Medium soufle cup cupcake and colored buttercream swirl decorated with sugar flower. (Rose buds - red, orange, yellow)
Flavour: Vanilla or Chocolate
Packaging: Transparent dome container
Minimum order: 500pcs

Sample of favor E:
Only for medium paper cupcakes or soufle cupcakes - White paper box complete with window and ribbon can be yours at an additional cost of RM0.60 per unit. Sample of the box:
Delivery charges are free within Bukit Damansara, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Bandar Utama , Kota Damansara and Kepong area.
We can also entertain other flavors and customer specific design requirements at additional charge.
Orders can be made by emailing me the detail of the order as follows:

1) Your Name and address:
2) Contact No:
3) Delivery address:
4) Favor No: Favor A, B, C etc..
5) Flavor : vanilla/ chocolate (where applicable)
6) Color of buttercream, where necassary: white, yellow, blue, pink, purple, green
7) Size of favor: small or medium
8) Type of cupcake case: paper or soufle
9) Quantity required: Minimum order 500 pieces
10) Packing required(where applicable): Transparent dome or white paper box
11) Total Amount Ordered in RM :

to or sms me at 012 2389797 and should be placed at least a week before date required.
All payment for confirm orders can be made to Farah Dinah Muhammed Razif , Maybank A/C No:114272170007 and MMS me the details of banking in or scan and email the banking in slip. Payment must be made at least 3 days before the date required.
If no payment is received within 3 days as required, then the order will be considered as cancelled. Feel free to browse the site for other promotions that is concurrently running at the same time. This promotion is available till 30 January 2009.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Dear all,

I am having this promo during this festive and holiday season as below:

a) RM40 for 16 pieces of medium sized cupcakes, vanilla and chocolate flavor only with three
color buttercream icing topping;

b) RM43.75 for 25 pieces of small sized cupcakes, flavor and icing as above.

Both does not include delivery, special packaging and design.

This minis are going for RM1.80 per box of 3. I normally have them made in multi colors just for the fun of enjoy them too for that matter!!

I am also doing some christmassy cupcakes tomorrow, I will put in on the blog for all to see.

Meantime, if you wish to order, just sms me at 102 2389797 or email to me but just alert me that you have emailed to me the order.

See ya again tomorrow..

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Hi all,

Been away soooo loooonnnnggg..due to no Streamyx service in my area. Very dissappointed with TM for being so slow and never bother to take customers' grievances. We got the land lines alrite, very prompt I might add but who needs landlines now when everyone even the maid has a handphone. Very olden days govt servant attitude kept alive by some department within Telekom Malaysia. When we call to ask them why we did not get the service since before Raya ie sometime in October ? they say very sorry we do not have enough ports to handle the demand..wah..I don't understand what kind of business turn away customers..our area is relatively new housing estate so they should consider to put in more ports rather than leave customers in a lurch. Every other day after that call, we have another excuse, please call the streamyx people and not us or call the kedai telekom they can give a better idea when we can get our line or reregister with us and maybe we can help but we will not guarantee when you can get it. Meantime I am already queueing for the previous registration. So we asked how far are we in the q, oh sorry you got to speak to the agent or whoever but not them. so I think most people in our neighbourhood go for another operator and that include me..padan muka bodoh...very geeerrrraaaammmm..or maybe they do not need new customers. They must have met their quota of customer penetration in certain areas. Why work so hard..we are already very rich...maybe one day when they wake up to see that everyone is going elsewhere only then will they wake up..

Sorry for releasing my dissappointment here but I feel good now. Don't need TM anymore for the time being..

Anyway, lots of thingshappen to me along the you know we move house trying to settle in this new place and now feel a bit better that I can stay on the net..


Friday, October 24, 2008


Here I am friend Suri called me up one day and asked me to do some cupcakes for a Charity Halloween sale for her daughter's school. She say make the bats, the pumpkin and anything halloweeny...I hope the pictures below are Halloweeny enough

This is in fact my first attempt at Halloweens..mighty pleased with myself..pppppuuuurrrr...pppppuuuuurrrrr..

Take care and have a great Deepavali to all the Indians and enjoy a long break to the rest..


Hi again,

Sorry for making you go crazy when reading my blog. I have not been on the blog for a long while so I forget what I have logged in my phone. Suddenly some pictures are left out so I got to came and put it on the blog.

Made these for two open house that I have attended on the same in Kajang and the other in KL..I have through trial and error found how to modify the icing to make it look good and taste with less sugar..and the icing is super soft and very inviting.. they are moist chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting and chocolate drizzle..this is the inspiration for this week's delivery to the Kopitiam.

This one is for a close friend's kids. Also another open house that my hubby and I attended together..very colorful keeping in mind it is meant for the kiddies..

You can order some if you think you'd like to eat them or send them as presents at open houses..I am glad to assist you. with minimum order of 12 pieces per order excluding delivery.

Kopitiam this week

Hi all,

This week supply to Kopitiam is as follows:

Mini Vanilla cupcakes with pastel colored vanilla buttercream icing on top..this was a revival of what I have done earlier. It seems that it was not a hit but when I asked the owner today, most of it was sold except for the chocolates ones below is slow..believe it or not????

Devils food chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream and chocolate drizzle..I also sent some with chocolate chips intead of drizzle.
I have tried the chocolate, not to be missed... Normally I am not a chocolate cake lover but this one beats almost all..(at least I think so for now).


Hi again,

This was an order requested by one customer for his merisik occassion sometime ago. Oh god I am getting to be very forgetful myself. The request was to put the cupcakes in a square and do a a red heart design in the middle. The end result is like below and I just gave him a simple box with ribbons on it. Should have put red ribbons instead now when I look at it again..

This is for a friends nieces' wedding in Trengganu. I hope the cupcakes survived the journey. The mum wanted a burgundy coloured flowered theme and gold trimming with white base. Well everything else was easy except for the flowers and gold trimmings. I was kept up for a few days on how I want to stick sugared flowers and gold whatever on it, with it and what can compliment it. Alas, I do not have much time and it has always been raining everyday, it makes it more difficult for me to get out of the house. last this is what I did for her.. what do you think??
I also packed it in this box for her to do her own decorations beside what I have done for her. I really hope the cake survived the journey to Trengganu..

Thanks to both of them for their orders and trust in me to do the cupcakes for them.. :)

TTFN..tata for now..


Hi all,

Have not been able to get into the blog for a while now since moving to my new house. It seems that streamyx is overloaded with customers in my area. We have to wait till they get enough to start another what have you..that's the explanation I got anyway..waste of time in getting my phone line and cannot get streamyx..huh.huh..huhh..

Anyway, I have been quite busy with my normal deliveries to my regular Kopitiam and orders from friends. Thanks for their support .. :p

Raya is almost over now..been to many open houses and been like eating non stop. Not good for all of us as we keep up the eating at home too..hubby has been under the weather because of too much red meat, carbohydrates, sea food and sugar!!! I put on what I lost during the puasa month in a jiffy ..oh it is just so unfair..

This is my attempt at making some Raya biscuits..follow Auntie Yochana's recipe.. quite good.

This one is called Ebony and Ivory biscuits.

This one is a modified recipe with rice bubbles. Children loved it because of the crispy rice bubbles and most importantly the chocolate drizzle.
For Raya since we moved house we decided to just have Raya breakfast and celebrate Raya with my father in law in Bangsar. He is already 83 years old going 84 ..very resilient old man, I think his state of health is better than any of us but I feel sorry for him as his memory bank is sort of shutting down on him. He forgets...The whole gang was there together to celebrate Raya with the old man..My niece Fatihah decided on Mee Hoon Soup Kedah for Raya beside the normal rendang and stuff..that's my yearly special if we celebrate at home. It was definitely a treat not for the guest but more for us..hehehe..kuat makan...

The first week of Raya saw us visiting our elder uncles and aunties. More eating..convoy in four cars and visited our Uncle Majid and family on Sunday if I am not mistaken. His was a sought after house for eating good home made food as our Auntie Selina is a very good cook. She served all the Raya stuff like lemang and rendang, ayam masak kicap for the kids, oh now it seems to slipped from my mind what other things were on the table but it was a spread uhmm uhmm..Lastly after that sumptous food we moved on to the cakes and biscuits..My compliments to Norma for making a really nice carrot cake with cheese frosting..sedap bangat..I pun without further ado..can I have the recipe please..please..with reluctance she volunteered her recipe to me. Ha..immediately the next day I made some in cupcake cases as below:

This is my second attempt and I add walnuts and raisins as the recipe does not include them. I also modify the topping and add toasted walnuts on top too. My kids love it very much. Many thanks to Norma.. :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Dear all,

These are some of the cupcakes I make for Raya..with several design and flavors. We have vanilla, orange and chocolate flavored cupcakes.. to go now..all are waiting for me for dinner..
Talk to u later