Friday, August 31, 2012


This cake was ordered by my friend, Norizan Suhaimi. It is for her nephew/niece wedding hantaran in Kelantan. I hope the cake survived the journey..

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


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Looking for goodies to fill your dessert table for your Hari Raya Open House? Or bring along with you to your friend's Open House..or for any occasion..
Please browse and see below some of my best sellers. 
Important to note my cakes/desserts etc are made with imported good quality butter..baked with much is as if I am baking for my own loved ones..

Interested to order? 
Just email to OR
       SMS to 012 2827122 (Farah)/ 012 2389797 (Wan)
For now I do not take calls because sometimes our hands are full. 
But if u email/SMS me I will get back to u as soon as possible.

Monday, August 27, 2012


Nowadays everyone is crazy about Middle Eastern food/desserts.. this is one of them..makes a world of difference too to have something no one else serves for Raya and any other occasion. Can also be for Hantaran sweets.
Sweet, nutty and crunchy..
A tray of 10 x 10 is RM65 excluding delivery.

Interested to order please email/SMS us.


 These are 1 oz butter cake cupcakes with butter cream is good for children's party, or any other occasion as they are petite, mouthful bites and less guilty hehehe.. we can make them as colorful or according to your liking..

These are at RM1 each and minimum order is 49 pieces. Prices do not include delivery.
Email / SMS us for orders


These are a new product for us..
Very decadent , moist ..and rich brownie for the brownie and strawberry lovers..u will get a high on them..
Baked with a layer of cream cheese and lots of fresh cut strawberries in it....uhmmm a mouthful is definitely not enough.
 A 9 x 13 inch tray at RM75 per tray excluding delivery.


These are 2 oz cupcakes with strawberry jam fillings and frosted with buttercream.
Yummy..yummy..and yummy..
Price RM2 each minimum 16 pcs and price is excluding delivery.

Interested to order?? Just email or SMS us your enquiry.


Carrot Cakes are coming back in fashion...yeaaa..and mine is yummyyy..good for the desert table on Raya open house..
This is a 10 x 10 square carrot cake frosted with cream cheese frosting..
Cake is about 2.5 kg++ and price is RM85 excluding delivery.


A definite treat..this one..a cross between cookies and brownies.. 
served these at my Raya open house and got a few enquiries and orders..Alhamdulillah

RM50 for a 9 x 13 tray
To order please email / SMS us.


Ahaaa...Marbled Cheese Cake has made its come back after a long absence. It is decadent and really cheesy and an order for it and he has been raving about how got it was..uhmmm..
it is a 10 x10 size and about 1.5 kg ++ RM65 excluding delivery.

Wanna try it..?? just order by email to or SMS to 012 289797 (Wan)/ 012 2821722 (Farah), thank you..


Barbie in pink for Maria Qistina's 5th birthday.. 
2.5kg ++ butter cake with butter cream.
All cakes are made with imported good quality butter.