Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today's happening..

Hi all,

Today we opened a table in front of Taman Tun Pasaraya..for the forth time, I think. My son in law man the little outlet. Response pretty good :p

Yesterday I had strawberry flavored jelly with fresh strawberry strips (only nmahal lah!!) and nato de coco, mini tuna puff and muffins of assorted flavors ie. banana walnut, banana choc chip and walnut with choc chips..

Today, I had same of above and additional flavor of walnut and pumpkin seed..little of each. Malas day indeed :( and some of the jelly..x buat mini tuna puff..

Before I go, has anybody check out my Ramadhan Special?

I just give you a run down on what I have there..


a) Orange flavored cupcake with dark chocolate frosting with choc chips;
b) Chocolate chip cupcake with white chocolate frosting with choc rice;
c) Vanilla flavored cupcake with strawberry filling and vanilla frosting;
d) Chocolate cupcake with strawberry filling and dark chocolate frosting;
e) Chocolate chip cupcake with strawberry frosting and choc chips;
f) Oreo cupcake with vanilla frosting and oreo half;
g) Vanilla flavored with white chocolate frosting;

RM30 per 12 pieces
Exclusive of delivery

Alaaa..just go to then you c the pix ..offer as above.

Check out our little outlet in front of the Guardian Pharmacy Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

For tomorrow, we see what we have in store for you..cheerio.

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