Monday, September 1, 2008


Dear all,

Just to wish everyone Selamat mengerjakan ibadat puasa sepanjang bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini..this is me and my darling hubby...and introducing the rest of my big family.
The apple of everyone's grand daughter, Sarah Ayesha..@ Princess Alice (that's what she like to be called!!) uhmm..

This is of course the Princess's mum, Farah eldest daughter.
and the daddy, Fathur son- in-law..

This is my youngest Aman Zaim Ridhwan and Sarah trying to help me cut my birthday cake..

These are my other kids, Atik Zaki Ridhwan, Alya Yasmin, Amir Zahid Ridhwan, Amar Zaidi Ridhwan, Amin Zamri Ridhwan and Aman Zaim Ridhwan with Sarah Ayesha..

Salam from all of us..

P/S, business is as usual until further notice.. please place your orders soon so that we can make the necassary arrangement..

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  1. salam.. nice to meet all of you. Especially the little Princess !