Sunday, September 7, 2008

Orders from my dear friend and cuz..

Hi all,

Been a quiet week for me (baking wise) what with puasa month being here ..not complaining..just that when puasa month is here, activity is very high in the kitchen!!
What with the buka puasa spread and the appetizer and dessert corner as well as the drinks..and the prayers..and the continued eating and the top it up I am cooking for 11 people daily...Uhmm..there goes dieting ..must eat to keep up with the chores..excuse..excuse..

Today, Farah's friend, Ara placed an order for 100 pieces of cupcakes for her sister's doa selamat kenduri. Farah, however, forgot to take some photos of the hoo... :( but good thing is the cupcakes were gone in a jiffy...(Farah attended the kenduri) Lega dan2 letih 2 terus ilang.. Ara, many thanks for the order dear.. :)

As I was baking for Ara, got a call from another good friend of mine, Nora, her daughter goes to school with my son Amin. Both are in SKTTDI 1 in Std 5 Intan. Thank you very much for the order dear..hope your children like it..( I think I got carried away with trying to impress Nora with too many design and colors..uhmm..)

These are for my cousin Kak Dee in SS 2. I am trying to make amends with her because the last order I made for her were not as exciting as she expects it to be.. :(
Hopes this will make up a bit .. again I always get carried away with giving her too many design.. pening..pening..Thanks again for the order Kak Dee :)
Sorry the pix is a bit a hurry and took pictures with my kadang2 good and not. This time not.. :p

Lastly, please sms or give me a call if you are interested to order..

Thanks for reading my blog..


  1. Yup..they were indeed exciting looking cupcakes....Shahar and Adik's kiddies finished them up in a jiffy during buka puasa....thanks!

  2. Thanks so much. You are being very kind :p

    Watch out for my Ramadhan Special!!