Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pre weekend orders - Ramadhan Specials

Hi all,

One of friends ordered my Ramadhan Special , 48 of them today for her office buka puasa... :).
It was a feat to do all those , eventhough just 48 pieces today..a very hoootttt dddaayyy..

Really tiring day and sticky day. Result of my order today..quite pleased with myself but I think the buttercream got a bit oozy because of the heat.

At last I found the pix of my strawberry jelly with fresh strawberry strips and nato de coco..available at my little outlet in Taman Tun..going for RM1.50 per tub..

I tried doing the banofee and this is the result.. :)
Farah, of course, rationed everybody from taking more than one..hehehe..making sure she get a bigger share but nobody take heed of her and finish it in a jiffy..uhmm banana and toffee is a really good combination and the creamy fresh cream..there goes my puasa today..

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