Friday, October 24, 2008


Hi all,

Have not been able to get into the blog for a while now since moving to my new house. It seems that streamyx is overloaded with customers in my area. We have to wait till they get enough to start another what have you..that's the explanation I got anyway..waste of time in getting my phone line and cannot get streamyx..huh.huh..huhh..

Anyway, I have been quite busy with my normal deliveries to my regular Kopitiam and orders from friends. Thanks for their support .. :p

Raya is almost over now..been to many open houses and been like eating non stop. Not good for all of us as we keep up the eating at home too..hubby has been under the weather because of too much red meat, carbohydrates, sea food and sugar!!! I put on what I lost during the puasa month in a jiffy ..oh it is just so unfair..

This is my attempt at making some Raya biscuits..follow Auntie Yochana's recipe.. quite good.

This one is called Ebony and Ivory biscuits.

This one is a modified recipe with rice bubbles. Children loved it because of the crispy rice bubbles and most importantly the chocolate drizzle.
For Raya since we moved house we decided to just have Raya breakfast and celebrate Raya with my father in law in Bangsar. He is already 83 years old going 84 ..very resilient old man, I think his state of health is better than any of us but I feel sorry for him as his memory bank is sort of shutting down on him. He forgets...The whole gang was there together to celebrate Raya with the old man..My niece Fatihah decided on Mee Hoon Soup Kedah for Raya beside the normal rendang and stuff..that's my yearly special if we celebrate at home. It was definitely a treat not for the guest but more for us..hehehe..kuat makan...

The first week of Raya saw us visiting our elder uncles and aunties. More eating..convoy in four cars and visited our Uncle Majid and family on Sunday if I am not mistaken. His was a sought after house for eating good home made food as our Auntie Selina is a very good cook. She served all the Raya stuff like lemang and rendang, ayam masak kicap for the kids, oh now it seems to slipped from my mind what other things were on the table but it was a spread uhmm uhmm..Lastly after that sumptous food we moved on to the cakes and biscuits..My compliments to Norma for making a really nice carrot cake with cheese frosting..sedap bangat..I pun without further ado..can I have the recipe please..please..with reluctance she volunteered her recipe to me. Ha..immediately the next day I made some in cupcake cases as below:

This is my second attempt and I add walnuts and raisins as the recipe does not include them. I also modify the topping and add toasted walnuts on top too. My kids love it very much. Many thanks to Norma.. :)

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