Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Hi all,

Been away soooo loooonnnnggg..due to no Streamyx service in my area. Very dissappointed with TM for being so slow and never bother to take customers' grievances. We got the land lines alrite, very prompt I might add but who needs landlines now when everyone even the maid has a handphone. Very olden days govt servant attitude kept alive by some department within Telekom Malaysia. When we call to ask them why we did not get the service since before Raya ie sometime in October ? they say very sorry we do not have enough ports to handle the demand..wah..I don't understand what kind of business turn away customers..our area is relatively new housing estate so they should consider to put in more ports rather than leave customers in a lurch. Every other day after that call, we have another excuse, please call the streamyx people and not us or call the kedai telekom they can give a better idea when we can get our line or reregister with us and maybe we can help but we will not guarantee when you can get it. Meantime I am already queueing for the previous registration. So we asked how far are we in the q, oh sorry you got to speak to the agent or whoever but not them. so I think most people in our neighbourhood go for another operator and that include me..padan muka bodoh...very geeerrrraaaammmm..or maybe they do not need new customers. They must have met their quota of customer penetration in certain areas. Why work so hard..we are already very rich...maybe one day when they wake up to see that everyone is going elsewhere only then will they wake up..

Sorry for releasing my dissappointment here but I feel good now. Don't need TM anymore for the time being..

Anyway, lots of thingshappen to me along the you know we move house trying to settle in this new place and now feel a bit better that I can stay on the net..


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