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Dear all,

Thanks for your visit to our site and your orders..

We just like to revisit the pricing of my cakes and bakes since we have not reviewed the prices. We are not revising all but some of the pricing. We are just putting the pricing here for easy reference.

1. Butter Cake - RM50/kg
2. Chocolate Cake - RM50/kg
3. Orange Cake - RM50/kg
4. Oreo Butter Cake - RM55/kg
5. Carrot Cake - RM60/kg

Basic Cake with butter cream frosting ( applies to item 1-4)
Carrot Cake comes with cream cheese frosting.

**We can also do Novelty cakes and made to order celebration/ seasonal celebration cakes.

Other types of cake
1. Rainbow Cake   - RM110 per cake
2. German Cake     - RM110 per cake
3. Nuttela Cream Cheese Cake - RM95 per cake ( 9 inch)
4. Marbled Cheese Cake - RM75 per cake ( 10 x 10 inch)
5. Victoria Sandwich Cake - RM60 per cake ( 8 inch)
6. Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting - RM85 (8 inch cake)
7. Premuim Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache
    - RM95 ( 9 inch)
    - RM60 ( 6 inch)
    + RM10 fresh strawberries
8. Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cake - RM95 (8 inch)
    Red Velvet layered with cheesecake and frosted with cream cheese frosting
    - can request and price will be quoted on request.
9. Peach Crumble Cheesecake - RM95 (9 inch)
10. Cheesecake with assorted topping - RM95 ( 9 inch)
      Toppings - Blueberry, Strawberry, Red Cherry
11. Mini Cheese Cake with assorted toppings - RM15 per cake..minimum order 2 units.

** Can also do other cakes upon request.

Fondant/ Celebration cakes - can request and price will be quoted on request.

1. Mini         - RM1 per cupcakes - cupcake liner;
                      RM1.20 per cupcake - 1.0 oz souffle cup
                      Minimum order 49 pcs
2. Small        - RM2.00 per cupcake - 2.0 oz souffle cup
                      Minimum order 25 pcs
3. Medium   - RM 2.50 per cupcake - 2.5 oz souffle cup
                      Minimum order 16 pcs
4. Large       - RM3.50 per cupcake - 3.5 oz souffle cup
                      Minimum order 16 pcs
**These are basic vanilla/chocolate cupcakes with butter cream swirl.

Flavored cupcakes
1. Blue/ Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting;
2. Carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting;
3. Chocolate cupcakes with Nutella frosting;
4. Oreo cupcakes with oreo butter cream swirls.

  - min RM3.75 per cupcake
    Minimum order 16 pcs
    Souffle cup 2.5 oz

We will update on the flavors as we go along..

1. Cheese Brownies                                 -RM75 (11x 11)
2. Strawberry Cheese Brownies               -RM75 (9 x 13) - use fresh strawberries
3. Congo Bars                                         -RM50 (9 x 13)
     with walnuts                                        -RM55 (9 x 13)
4. Chocolate Twix Brownies                   - RM50 (8 x 8)
5. Blueberry Cheese Brownies                - RM90 (9 x 13) - use fresh blueberries
6. Double Chocolate Brownies               - RM75 (11 x 11)

Please enquire for other flavors.

Edible Images
We can also do cakes with edible images. U can provide us the images or we can source the images for u.
We outsource the printing. for edible image of cakes and cupcakes.
These are third party charges of RM18 for the EI plus RM6 for postage and also RM5 for any editing work required. We require a minimum period of  5 days for us to order the images n receive them.

1. Cakes
Price depends on the cake , design and frosting required.
Price starts from RM75 onwards - butter cream
Price starts from RM150 onwards - fondant
Please ask for quotation.

2. Cupcakes
Price depends on design and frosting required.
Price starts from RM65 onwards for butter cream + some fondant flowers
Price starts from RM85 onwards for fondant + some fondant flowers
Minimum order is 16 pcs.
Please ask for quotation.

We will maintain my price of RM65 for a tray of Baklava (10 x 10).

Please give us a minimum of 7 days notice for all orders.
We require a deposit of 50% of the total value of confirmed orders.
All prices quoted are ex our house in Bandar Menjalara.
We prefer pick ups only but we can do deliveries to nearby area with some delivery charges.
Please inquire for delivery.

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